Photographer, lecturer, pastor


«Nature has to be felt,» said Alexander von Humboldt. And this feeling is also needed for wildlife photography. I have been traveling the African continent for almost 15 years. I especially like southern Africa. Every year I'm on the road for several weeks, during which I always go gamedriving with great joy and a lot of patience. I prefer to be on the road with an all-terrain vehicle, equipped with a roof tent and camping gear, so that I can pursue my passion as individually and independently as possible.


In recent years I have discovered reportage and documentary photography for myself. In particular, I feel at home in (art) crafts and small businesses. I like to show the companies and employees in their natural surroundings. Anyway, I love putting people in the picture in a candid way and telling their story.


The gift of life is also the focus of my pastoral work. And I see parallels between my two vocations: looking and listening closely, discovering, telling stories, working with life stories.


Deep down I remain a nomad. My dream is to live and work one day in southern Africa while having enough time to devote to photography, writing and storytelling about people, wildlife and nature.


  • Participation in photoSWITZERLAND 2024 with the project «The last hatter in Switzerland», leading the seminar «Capturing the art of craftsmanship» and participation in an artist talk
  • Participation at photoSWITZERLAND 2023 with two projects: «Good hope in South African» and «... and the world keeps turning» (Wildlife) and participation in an artist talk
  • Participation at Embrach Photo Gallery (fogae) for Portrait photography exhibition 2022/23


  • Calvendo Gold Prize for the «Wild Okavango Delta» calendar (2023)
  • A picture in «Best of photoSWITZERLAND» (2023)
  • Calvendo Gold Prize and the Jury Prize in the Craft Photography category for the «Ceramic Dreams» calendar (2022)

Photographic Education

  • May 2022: 3-week workshop in Humanitarian Photography at Anna Lusty in Cape Town.
  • August 2019 to March 2020: Basic and advanced module of the course Photography CAS. Auditing of the degree by the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Due to the corona crisis, it was no longer possible to attend the final module.
  • Since 2009 in self-study with various lectures at Nikon Switzerland, workshops on various topics, photo trip in Botswana with professional photographer James Gifford as well as tours with professional photographer Peter Haarhoff in and around Cape Town


I am on may way with Nikon SLR full frame and various lenses, love the filter system from Lee Filters, tripods from Gitzo and Flipside Backpacks from Lowpro.